Our technology transforms industry standard curtain windows into transparent, energy-producing solar windows that manufacturers can incorporate into their products, allowing their windows to produce solar electricity.

The window glazing we create replaces the central pane in a standard triple-pane commercial window with a transparent solar concentrator. Ultraviolet light is concentrated¬†by quantum dots to a narrow strip of solar cells in the window frame. Low cost on-board maximum power point tracking chips produce low voltage power.¬†Arrays of windows feed distributed grid-tie inverters, sending excess electricity to the grid through a building’s existing wiring.

Current solar windows are highly tinted and have visible semi-transparent solar cells throughout the window. Our patent-pending quantum dot technology allows our windows to be fully transparent.

While the conversion from light to electrical energy is less efficient than a traditional rooftop solar panel, windows can cover a much larger part of a building, allowing for more potential energy.