Grand Prize 2017 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge

Nova Solar Glazing Awarded $15,000 Grand Prize at Environmental Innovation Challenge

Seattle, Washington—March 30, 2017


Nova Solar Glazing, an interdisciplinary team of nine Western Washington University students, took home the Wells Fargo grand prize at the 2017 Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge. The competition involved 21 teams from six universities, each presenting unique solutions to environmental and cleantech problems to a panel of more than 140 judges.


On the experience competing with other teams, project manager Emily Bartlett said, “It was amazing to be surrounded by teams and professionals with so much energy and passion about the environment [at the Environmental Innovation Challenge]. We definitely came away with fire under our feet and are more inspired than ever to create a sustainable future.


Nova Solar Glazing’s winning innovation is a product that upgrades standard commercial glazing into energy-producing solar windows. The product could integrate into the twelve billion dollar domestic window glazing market in the future. The team of chemistry, electrical engineering, industrial design, and business students is committed to making their technology accessible, affordable, and practical. Nova Solar Glazing fits industry standards and integrates into current commercial window manufacturing and installation practices. By replacing the innermost pane of triple-pane commercial windows with their patent-pending, quantum dot technology, commercial buildings can transform from energy sinks into energy sources.


The team plans to iterate on their technology and improve its efficiency, as well as engage with architects, window manufacturers, and other industry experts to ensure that the final product satisfies a wide range of customer needs..  


Student team members:

Amy Morren (Cleveland, Ohio)

Benjamin Anderson (Story City, Iowa)

Cole Rogers (Ferndale, Washington)

Edward Hanko (Lynden, Washington)

Emily Bartlett (Broadlands, Virginia)

Giovanni Segar (Ferndale, Washington)

Noah Prime (Lake George, New York)

Star Summer (Ellensburg, Washington)

Quae Atwood (Bellingham, Washington)


Faculty advisors:

Bill Miller

David Patrick

Ed Love

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