America FIRST?

The America First Energy Policy states three things, American energy is vital to the economy, security, and the environment.  Yet it leaves out solar, a source of energy that meets all three requirements.

Shale oil and clean coal are mentioned, both of which have harmful effects on the environment.  Last year Oklahoma, home to the shale oil boom and fracking operations, experienced over 1000 earthquakes of a magnitude of 3.0 or greater.  That’s up a fair bit from eight years ago.  998 to be exact.  A state that used to have 2 earthquakes a year now experiences almost 3 a DAY.

Beyond the debate about the misnomer “clean” coal, the industry is experiencing huge cost overruns and plant shutdowns.  In fact, not one clean coal plant is active in the United States.  And the coal industry has long been known for strip mining mountains and polluting streams.

So we’re 0-2 on environmental impact and economic benefit.  If only there were some answers!

Well, solar energy employs over 260,000 Americans in well-paying, domestic jobs.  The industry grew 95% last year according to Bloomberg.  Solar reduces reliance on OPEC oil and doesn’t cause earthquakes, polluted waterways, or carbon emissions.  It doesn’t even “kill all the birds” like the President asserts that wind turbines do.  Birds are not mentioned in the America First Energy Plan, but are apparently a concern for our President.

Solar puts America (and birds) first, not the alternatives.

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